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When Do You Need to Report Rental Income?

Collecting rental income on a property is a fantastic way to help with mortgage costs and pay off an investment property. Rental income, though not associated with a paycheck, still needs to be reported alongside your income taxes. Not reporting…

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Understanding Real Estate Accounting

Understanding real estate accounting can be a difficult process. In order to increase your revenue and improve your real estate business, you will need to understand what to track and how to keep your bookkeeping in order. As a property…

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How Much Should Accounting Cost a Small Business?

How much accounting should cost a small business depends on a number of factors. If you’re looking for the costs of accounting for your small business, you want to ensure that you’re considering all the items that influence the cost…

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When are Personal Taxes Due in Canada?

As your tax receipts and T4s start rolling into your inbox, you may be wondering when personal taxes are due in Canada. No one wants to be late getting their taxes filed, especially if you’ll need to pay rather than…

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Beginning of Gallo LLP

Our firm is excited to announce that as of January 1st, 2021, Gallo and Company has become a registered Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), as allowed by legislation by the Government of Alberta. We will now be known as Gallo LLP….

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Tax Tips for Doctors

If you’re a medical specialist, you may be seeking tax tips for doctors. Finding tax tips for doctors that will save you money can be a difficult task. Doctors have various financial opportunities and additional responsibilities relating to their personal…

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