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Corporate Clients

All new clients to Gallo LLP must sign authorization forms to enable us to view corporate tax accounts and file on their behalf. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recently rolled out a new Two Step Verification process for E-filed Authorization forms. Once we have filed the Aut-01 that we had you sign, they need confirmation from the signing authority before they will finalize the authorization.

CRA has made it mandatory for all corporate tax accounts to have an online profile called My Business Account. This is needed before any authorizations can be confirmed.

Instructions to Confirm:


1. Log into your My Business Account

If you receive email notifications for this account from CRA, you will receive one upon us filing the Aut-01 asking you to login and confirm.


2. Under Profile, there is a section for Authorized Representatives which will list any/all that are on file

There will be a Deleted/Expired Rep List button and a Confirm Pending Authorizations button, as well as smaller +Add and Edit buttons. The request will be under Confirm Pending Authorizations, to which you will need to click confirm or deny.


3. This must be completed within 10 days of us filing the request

Otherwise it will be cancelled and we will either need to file a new one, or you will need to add us in manually.

To Add Representative Manually

(for requests not confirmed within 10 days)

1. Log into your My Business Account


2. Under Profile, there is a section for Authorized Representatives which will list any/all that are on file


3. Click the +Add button and enter our information

  • Representative Information: enter our business number 792599862
  • Select Authorization Level 2
  • Yes to Online Access
  • Do not enter an expiry date, click next
  • Review the information is correct and check off the confirmation box 
  • Submit

*If you do not have a My Business Account*

You will need to set this up in order to complete these processes. Click here to do this through the CRA website:

  • You will need access to your personal online My Account in order to sign into this service
  • If you have not registered for the personal My Account with CRA, click here to sign in with a Sign In partner via your online banking (if you have direct deposit with CRA), through your provincial partner, or to register directly with CRA by using information from your most recent Notice of Assessment or Income Tax Return.

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