Corporate Tax Accountant

Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or just starting your first business, you can depend on the experienced team of Corporate Tax Accountants at Gallo LLP Chartered Professional Accountants for all of your accounting needs.

At Gallo LLP, we understand that the dynamic realm of corporate taxation is ever-evolving and for this reason, we ensure our team stays up-to-date with extensive ongoing training as well as continued professional development.

Don’t wait; proactive tax planning is critical in ensuring you’re able to take complete advantage of tax legislation.

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Corporate Tax Planning

Tax Planning for Businesses

Corporate Tax Compliance

The tax laws in Canada are full of complex intricacies and are constantly changing and this can make tax compliance quite challenging for Canadian businesses, or foreign companies with operations in Canada. Our tax professionals will ensure your returns are free of errors and submitted in a timely fashion.

Owner Tax Planning

As a business owner, your fiscal year end is the perfect time to consider ways to improve your tax position. As experienced accountants, we can ensure that your business tax considerations, family tax considerations, compensations and investments are all evaluated and included correctly.

Not-For-Profit Compliance

At Gallo LLP we ensure your non-profit maintains good standing by complying with annual filing a reporting requirements.

Provincial Taxation (GST)

Determining which products and services are taxable or whether you should be getting an input tax credit can be unclear. Whether you are at the audit, assessment or collection stage, you can depend on Gallo LLP to solve your provincial tax-related issues and GST concerns.

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