Information is critical for any business. You simply can not make good and timely decisions about your business without accurate information. Gallo LLP is a full service accounting firm offering professional accounting services to businesses in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and beyond. From financial consulting to corporate tax returns to audits and more — our team of Chartered Professional Accountants will help you confidently manage every aspect of your financials, from start to finish. Our goal is to help you win, because when your business succeeds, we succeed. We can ensure you have the information you need and – when you need it – to grow and manage your business. How can Gallo LLP serve your business? Start the conversation today.

Professional Accounting Services


Accounting software makes it easier for a business to track their financial health. When used properly, it can create invoices, track expenses and generate a variety of reports.

With so many different programs to choose from, picking the right accounting software for your business can be challenging. As Edmonton accountants, we will walk you through the costs, usability and features of a several software programs, ultimately helping you choose the best fit for your company.


As experienced Chartered Professional Accountants, we use the information from your accounting journal and your general ledger to prepare your business’s financial statements: the income statement, the statement of retained earnings, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows.

Some companies prefer to have their statements prepared monthly to keep a tight hold on their financial position. Other companies have longer accounting cycles. Either way, financial statements must be prepared at the end of the company’s tax year.


A key component of financial data activity is in the creation of budgets. Learning how to properly establish a budget can help you manage your financial position. At Gallo LLP, we can help you create a budget that’s ambitious, but realistic – as well as help you set goals, prioritize them and create a way to achieve them.

What Our Clients Say

“Gallo and Company has earned my business with their management & staff’s carefully cultured and personalized service. In each visit to their office, I’m treated with swift attention and care. Their approach is always thorough, genuine and responsible. I know the [advice] I receive is specific and carefully tailored to my own unique situation. It’s always a pleasure to be addressed with this level of concern and professionalism.”


Our Leadership

Meet Jon and Preet, the guiding forces behind the Gallo LLP organization. Jon Gallo is the Managing Partner. His voracious approach to accounting provides clients with financial power that creates a future rich with opportunity. With Gallo LLP, Jon wants to help clients succeed in every way possible by finding innovative solutions to all their financial problems. Preet Sandhu is a Partner at Gallo LLP. Preet works predominantly in the Sherwood Park office. He takes the mundaneness of numbers and turns them into tangible success, opportunity, and wealth. He has a passion for helping clients create better efficiencies in their business operations and tax structure.

Gallo LLP has two goals: success and winning in business


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Our Commitment To You

At Gallo LLP, we understand the stress that follows asking for financial support and not receiving a response. That is why we developed our 4-1-1 Response Commitment. Gallo LLP’s 4-1-1 commitment is nothing like other accounting firms offer. Our promise to you is that no matter the situation, if you reach out to us you can rest assured we will be communicative and help you solve your problem. In four hours of you contacting us, we will reach out. In one day, we will respond to you in detail, and in one week, your issue will be resolved. That’s our 4-1-1 promise, because with Gallo LLP, you can trust that we have your back.

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