Gallo LLP Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Gallo LLP is proud to say we’ve hit a decade in business – and oh what a decade it’s been! There have been ups and downs as we’ve worked to become the accounting powerhouse we are today.

10 Years of Business Growth

Our founder and Managing Partner, Jonathan Gallo, began our company as Gallo and Co, Chartered Professional Accountants in Sherwood Park 10 years ago as a small, single practitioner firm with only 6 employees. As we’ve worked and grown throughout the years, we’ve expanded into two, full-fledged offices. Our Sherwood Park office has outgrown our original space and expanded into a larger space. Gallo LLP also opened an Edmonton office to better serve our clients. Gallo LLP now has multiple locations in the Edmonton area and almost forty full-time employees! We now have multiple partners who are directly involved in pushing our business forward, and staff are some of the best and brightest in the industry! Over the years, we’ve developed a mission to provide the emboldened entrepreneur with financial power to create a future rich with opportunity. Every day our team has worked hard to help our clients thrive.

A Decade of Learning

We’ve learned a lot in our 10 years of business, here is are a few of our key takeaways:

1. Be Responsive

What sets us apart from our competitors and makes us who we are is our commitment to clear, quick communication. We’ve learned over the years that as a service provider it’s important that our clients feel heard and understood. Our goal is to facilitate our clients’ success, so we need to be responsive to any questions or concerns.

2. Be Human

When you think of an accountant you’re probably not imagining an energetic, people-person, but that’s what we wanted to change with our business! Finance and numbers are the objective things we work with, but people are what our business is all about. We want to help business grow and people thrive through the power of good accounting and finance, so that’s why we’re not afraid to be human. We’ve learned to ensure our clients feel comfortable because, after all, we’re all human!

3. Connections Matter

One of the most important things we’ve learned over the past 10 years is that connections matter the most. We’ve learned that when we have genuine connections with our clients, we maintain longer business relationships. This isn’t just because we’ve grown to like each other (although that’s true), but it’s because we have learned to trust each other. When there’s mutual trust and open communication, our advice is more personal and effective, which then helps our clients to grow and flourish! We’ve learned that the stronger our connections are with our clients, the better suited we are to help them exceed their business goals.

Where is Gallo LLP Headed?

We’re so excited to celebrate 10 amazing years in business, but that doesn’t mean we’re done yet! We have five year plans, 10 year plans, and more that are dedicated to helping our team serve our clients better. At the end of the day, we know it is every client’s goal to protect their assets, pay their bills, and grow their business.  Our job is to ensure that happens! As we move forward in business onto the next 10 years, we seek to advance the Alberta business spirit by arming entrepreneurs with financial power that creates as much opportunity for wealth as possible

With decades of experience and 10 years of a successful business, we know that the most important factor in all business decisions should be around people. People are what make or break a business, if you have great staff and great clients – and everyone knows how to communicate – there’s nothing you can’t achieve! Over the next 10 years we plan to perfect the human element of business. Just watch and see!

Thank You to All Our Clients

We want to express a heartfelt thanks to all our clients. Our support, trust, and friendship are what have made us who we are today. We’re so happy to see the success and growth our clients have achieved as we’ve provided expert accounting services and financial advice, and we can’t help but beam with pride knowing we’ve played a part in helping your business flourish!

We’re honoured that you’ve put your faith in us, and we’ll continue to work hard and ensure that your finances are taken care of! From all of us at Gallo LLP, thank you!

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