Gallo LLP is one of Edmonton’s Best Accounting Firms

The popular website ‘Best in Edmonton’ has placed Gallo LLP on the list of best accountants in Edmonton. We can’t help but agree! The website uses a combination of business references, reviews, and overall public opinion to put together the list of the best in Edmonton.

Gallo LLP is proud to be on this list of the Best Accountants in Edmonton, as we work hard to help our clients win when it comes to their accounting needs. Some of the highlights listed in the Best in Edmonton list include that our first specializes in having Chartered Professional Accountants, meaning that our team of professionals all pursue additional schooling and certifications to give our clients the highest quality service with specialized accounting knowledge. 

Another highlight on the list is our full cycle accounting services, meaning we will provide your business with the entirety of your accounting service needs from start to finish. Whatever your accounting needs, Gallo LLP has you covered.

The final highlight chosen by Best in Edmonton is our Audit Shield Protection, a type of insurance we provide to protect your business from costly audits. Being audited is stressful and expensive, and Gallo LLP wants you to feel secure that if an audit were to occur, we have you covered. This audit insurance protects both your business and your peace of mind. 

Gallo LLP is proud to be one of Edmonton’s best accounting firms. We provide full service accounting for a wide variety of industries. If you’re in need of accounting services, please contact us! We’re part of Edmonton’s best for a reason, and we will help you make the most out of your finances. Best in Edmonton badge

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